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Plastic masterbatch

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  • Release date:2019-12-03
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Plastic master batch is a concentrate made by adding plastic additives to the resin in a constant amount. When manufacturing plastic products, talc manufacturers do not need to add this kind of plastic additives. Just add this master batch with super constants. Therefore, the plastic masterbatch is a new type of polymer material. There are various types, such as filling masterbatch, color masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, wear-resistant masterbatch, multifunctional masterbatch, etc.

In the past, in order to facilitate the uniform dispersion of small-dose materials used in production, some stabilizers, fillers, and solid (like about 0.5 μm) solid pigments that are prone to agglomeration were mixed in advance on a mixer or three-roller mill. For small-dose materials such as particles, they are often mixed together to make a viscous slurry or powdered masterbatch before being thrown into a plastic mixture. Therefore, a plastic masterbatch refers to a plastics mixture that is formulated in advance and contains a high percentage of various small-dose auxiliaries and colorants. In plastic formulation, a suitable masterbatch is used to join the polymer (or a mixture of polymer and other auxiliaries) so as to achieve accurate final concentrations of various auxiliaries and a uniform fraction of plastic processing raw materials. With the development of the plastic industry and technological progress, the definition and connotation of masterbatches in plastic processing have been expanded and deepened. It is not limited to using small amounts of raw materials such as colorants to use masterbatches, but also to add a large amount of fillers. Such as calcium plastic products also use filled masterbatch technology. There are more and more varieties of masterbatch, and the application is more and more extensive. This is because the use of a master batch simplifies the complex batching process; the granulated master batch is convenient to measure; reduces dust flying; the master batch has an ideal structure, which not only improves the processability of commercial products, but also facilitates the full dispersion and uniformity of each component, preventing raw materials Cohesion thus improves product quality and improves labor conditions; it reduces costs, and is therefore well received by plastic processing plants, and is popularized and applied smoothly. Plastic masterbatch has become one of the most important forms of application of plastic additives in the world today.


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