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Brucite powder

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  • Release date:2019-12-03
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Brucite can be used as one of the raw materials for extracting magnesium. Ultrafine talc is mainly used in advanced refractory materials, smelting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, artificial rubber, plastic additives, fluxes, heat insulation materials, artificial fibers, electrode coating ingredients, production Magnesium adhesives, thermal insulation materials, adhesives, ceramic glass products, inks and pigments, sculpture products, coatings for welding electrodes, uranium enrichment agents, and sugar and paper industries.

Brucite is also called Brucite Mg (OH) 2. Hardness: 2.5. It is a single crystal with a thick plate shape, and the flake-shaped aggregate is common; sometimes it is a fibrous aggregate, called nemalite or brucite. Brucite often forms the illusion of periclase.

The crystal structure is layered. Hydroxyl ions are most closely packed in hexagons, and magnesium ions fill all octahedral spaces between adjacent two hydroxyl ions; they form a structural layer of coordination octahedra. The structural layers are ionic bonds, and the structural layers are connected by phases.

Trigonal system, a0 = 0.313nm, c0 = 0.474nm; Z = 1. The brucite structure is one of the important layered structures. (OH) in the structure is approximately a hexagonal close-packed, Mg2 is filled in the octahedral gap of the stacked layer, each Mg is surrounded by 6 OH, and each OH has 3 Mg on one side. [Mg (OH) 6] octahedron ∥ {0001} is connected into layers in a co-edge manner, and the layers are held by a weak hydrogen-oxygen bond phase to form a layered structure. Mg-OH is not a regular octahedron sheet, it is significantly flattened along the c-axis direction, and the sheet thickness changes from the normal 0.247nm to 0.211nm. The structure characteristics of brucite make it have plate-like crystal form, low hardness and extremely complete cleavage of ∥ {0001}.

Compound trigonal trihedral crystal, D3d-3m (L33L33PC). The crystals are plate-like or leaf-like. Common simplex: parallel double-sided c {0001}, hexagonal cylinder m {1120}, rhombohedron r {1011}, q {0113}, or {2021}. The crystals are usually plate-like, fine scale-like, round, irregularly granular aggregates; parallel fibrous aggregates sometimes appear, called wollastonite. There is structural distortion inside the wollastonite.

It is made by dissolving soluble magnesium-containing compound in strong alkaline solution. It is a secondary change product of alkaline solution acting on magnesium silicate. The deposit is mainly related to serpentine; it is also produced in contact with metamorphic magnesite limestone, and it is symbiotic with calcite, tremolite, serpentine, and phlogopite. It is sometimes produced in dolomite chemical limestone and is associated with calcite, hydromagnesite, and periclase. Brucite ore can be divided into three main types: spherical type, block type and fiber type:


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